AAUW Loveland Officers, Committees, and By-Laws

2021 Proposed Budget


2020-2021 Branch Officers

President – Karla Marroquin
Program Vice Presidents – Claudia Ward and Leni Bohren
Membership  Vice Presidents –  Karen Danbom, Jan Witt, and Barbara Case
Secretary – Lori Bratton
Finance – Teri Smith
Facebook – Beth Franklin
Website – Kathy Wilson
Newsletter Editor – Martha DiCicco

Committee Officers

Chair of Conversations With Authors – Beth Franklin.  Committe members – Jan Witt, Karen Danbom, Ellen Thomerson, Martha DiCicco, Karla Marroquin
Flower Sale Committee – Linda French, Claudia Ward, Carol Fortin, Wanda Marker, Marcia Green, Linda Espanol
Chair of Scholarship Committee – Diane Worner
Book Club Coordinator – Barbie Clark
Sunshine  Person – Linda Espanol

For more information about the Loveland branch, contact marthavd@msn.com